Employee Benefits

Employee benefits generally consist of group health insurance, dental/vision, disability, life insurance, and retirement plans.  A generation ago, the cost burden of these benefits was born mostly by employers, but in the today’s economic and regulatory environment, businesses are forced to be more cost-conscious and creative.

Now more than ever, businesses need experienced broker-advisors capable of deploying unique, carefully-considered strategies from a broad universe of options, not spreadsheets of benefit plan descriptions and premiums.

Consider, for instance, that certain products, such as life, short-term disability, accident, and cancer plans can be offered to your employees through payroll deduction at no cost to you. With offerings from Aflac and Texas Life, among others, your employees will thank you for the attractive rates and easy payment method on insurance products that they want and need. Since there are no participation requirements or employer expense involved, it’s easy to provide your employees with yet another benefit of working for your firm.